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Stamp UnitFirst stamp ever designed to replace glue and sticker spots from pool tables.

You never have to worry about peeled up stickers from your pool table or pool balls changing directions.  This stamp replaces the need to ever worry about unsightly, peeling stickers.

Stamps a perfect 1.25″ diameter circle for your head and foot spots.

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The original stamp of the StampTheSpot.com family of stamps.  Comes with the self-inking unit, ink pad (already installed) and cover.

Your pool table will last the test of time, however sticker and glue spots do not. Stamp The Spot makes for the perfect pool table accessory.

The Stamp The Spot unit has the ink built in so that the unit can be moved and aligned on the pool table without getting ink on the pool table. Once the Stamp The Spot unit is aligned, you hold down the unit with your fingers and press down firmly with your other hand. A steady hand and a couple of pumps of the stamp and you will have the impression on your pool cloth. Drying time varies, but with the help of a hair dryer, the stamp could be dry in minutes.

The Stock Stamp Comes In 3 Different Versions Shown Below

Traditional Stamp
Traditional Stamp
Reverse stamp
Reserved Stamp
Blank Stamp
Blank Stamp

3 reviews for Original Stamp The Spot

  1. admin

    Anxious to get the spot on my new table and felt

  2. Jared Peterreins

    How Can I contact you for a custom spot? Submit a pic? ect?

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