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When you are ready to redo your pool cue tip, the information out there on pool cue tips can be a bit overwhelming.  As to the advantages and disadvantages of the different densities, let’s go over some of the details.

Simply put, the softer the tip, the more likely it is to mushroom or flatten out on you.  The soft tip will require more maintenance than a harder tip.  Some players that prefer a soft tip say that it allows for more English and control over the cue ball.  In addition, soft tips retain chalk better and are easier to scuff.

Harder tips require less maintenance because they hold their shape better against flattening out or mushrooming.  Harder tips create less spin on the cue ball and as well are more liable to miscue.  Harder tips create more consistent shots.  So harder tips will have a longer life on your cue than softer tips.

Medium tips are the most common and as well are usually the type of tip put on the cue by the manufacturers.  When in doubt, go with a medium tip, you will get the best of both worlds.  Ultimately it boils down to your preference.

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  • G2 Cue Tips

    G2 Cue Tip

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    G2 Cue Tip

    The G2 cue tip features 8 layers of treated pigskin.  The G2’s are 14mm so you can trim them down to match your shaft.  Made in Japan, these tips are on par to Moori and Kamui tips.


    • Size:  14mm
    • Hardness:  Soft, Medium and Hard
    • Tips per box: 1
    • Color: Brown
    • Material:  High quality 8 layered pig skin

    Choose either Soft, Medium or Hard when ordering:

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