How to chalk a pool cue

How to chalk a pool cue the proper way

How to Chalk a Pool Cue Techniques

chalk the right way
When you see a beginner pool player chalking, you usually see them drilling the piece of chalk down on the pool cue. Or you are in a pool room and you see all the older pieces of chalk that have a deep hole in the middle of them. This is not the way to do it. If you do properly chalk your cue, you will miscue less often and even better you will look like you know what you are doing.

Chalk a pool cue
Here’s how to chalk a pool cue the correct way.  Proper chalking requires a brushing motion of the chalk across the top of the cue while holding the cue at an angle. While doing this brushing motion, slow turn the cue so that you get all around the cue. Doing it this way prolongs the life of the chalk and as well ensures that you have covered the tip completely.

“Chalk your tip like a lady puts on lipstick” ~ Minnesota Fats

There are two main purposes to chalking.  First, to prevent miscues.  Second, to give you time to pace yourself between shots.

Interesting note:  Pool chalk was invented in 1897 by billiard pro William Spinks and chemist William Hoskins (according to  It is made of crushed silica and aluminum oxide and then adding a glue binder and dye.

Things Not To Do While Chalking

  1.  Do not drill a hole into the chalk.
  2.  Do not chalk over the pool table, you will get dust and/or chalk chips onto the table.
  3. Do not remove chalk from cue stick by blowing on the stick or banging the stick against the side of the table.
  4. Do not put chalk down on its side or upside down, make sure it is always facing up.
  5. If you are sharing chalk with your opponent, don’t take it with you after your inning.
  6. Do not use chalk as baby powder to smooth your stroke.  It is too abrasive for that.

Like in other sports, pros have a certain routine.  Chalk between shots so that you can slow your pace down and have consistency in the amount of chalk on your stick.  Below is a video of the APA’s Dr. Cue showing the proper way to chalk a pool stick.

predator chalkIf you want to use your own chalk versus using the house chalk, look into purchasing the Predator 1080 Pure Chalk.  It is rated one of the best chalks to use and has been tested by some of the world’s top pro pool players.

Take care of your cue and your chalk, keep in a cool, dry place and don’t expose to moisture. providing pool tips and unique billiards products from around the web.