Pool Hall Open

When will the Pool Halls open again?

The past few months have been the worst few month for pool halls in probably any of our lifetimes. They have been not only the victims of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but victims to politicians around the country. Deeming pool halls non-essential has put most pool halls on the brink of extinction. Government implementing the 4 phases to reopening has put indoor recreation last in line to reopen. So when will pool halls open again?

What is NAICS 713990?

NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System and 713990 represents “All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries”. This industry comprises establishments (except amusement parks and arcades; gambling industries; golf courses and country clubs; skiing facilities; marinas; fitness and recreational sports centers; and bowling centers) primarily engaged in providing recreational and amusement services. It includes businesses like:

  • Amusement Rides
  • Miniature Golf Courses
  • Archery/Shooting Ranges
  • Recreational Day Camps
  • Billiard/Pool Parlors
  • Boating Clubs
  • Recreational Sports Clubs
  • Riding Stables

All the above businesses are considered “All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries”. I guess not big enough individually to have their own NAICS code so all lumped together.

Billiards is “All Other Amusement”

Essential vs. Non-Essential

All deemed to be non-essential. Who declares them non-essential? Well, I guess the government does. How are they classified as non-essential? All businesses are essential to all people in their own way. Every business owner would/should/does say that their business is 100% essential to their livelihood. Many other businesses would say that these businesses are essential to them as well. All these businesses rely on other businesses as vendors to supply them with cleaning supplies, food and beverages, merchant services, utilities, etc.

How is a car wash essential? Most people own a home and have a hose. Even if you didn’t own your home or have access to a hose, how is having a clean car essential?

How is a golf course essential? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing golf as much as the next person but the analytical side of my brain says, “Really? Should we play golf during a pandemic?”

Tattoo Parlors? That one just hurts my brain to try to figure out what was going through politicians’ minds when they said that they can open in Phase 2.

Man Caves are on the Rise

I have seen many more social media posts on people either making a new man cave or beefing up their existing one. Pool tables are replacing cars in garages. Well can’t drive anywhere, well except for Home Depot. The family dining room is being converted into a pool room. Well can’t have big family dinners anymore so might as well put the room to good use. Even outside patios are finding a pool table on them. No longer the home of folded laundry, the clean clothes are getting kicked off of pool tables in the basement. Pool balls are being polished. Cues out of their cases. Even new games are being invented where you can challenge someone remotely to a game of pool. Some man cave ideas.

We at StampTheSpot.com have also noticed an increase in the number of custom StampTheSpot units sold. Not just stamps but other billiard supplies like cues and such.

We need Pool Halls Open

There is only so much practice you can do on your own. It’s essential for people to socialize. It helps our mental health. It helps our physical health too. Keeps us moving, off the couch and keeps our eyes and brain sharp.

Pool halls are essential to the businesses around them too. They help a lot of the local businesses around them. Let’s hope the pool rooms survive the pandemic and the political agendas.

See ya at your local pool hall.