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Searching the internet one day I came across this thread from a popular billiards forum.  I won’t list names and such but I would be more than happy to share the actual thread, just comment below or send a message.  Here is the thread (minus names):

Has anyone tried this product? Seems like a neat idea.

Looks good to me…certainly help with racking the balls tightly without having the dings in the paper spot!

Nice idea, I would worry about the head ball wearing a hole in the cloth. As big of a pain in the neck as spots can be sometimes, they protect the cloth.

What he said. If you play any ‘open break’ [8, 9, 10, etc] game, you need the paper/teflon spots.

Sounds like a good idea {name removed}, great for anywhere but a poolroom.
I’ve seen what the head ball does to cloth in a commercial environment with no sticker spots, smashes a hole in the cloth.
The head ball gets driven straight down on the opening shot, thus breaking the fibers of the cloth.

Which would come first or worse….the ball spot indention or the burn/slash marks from the breaking cb?

First or worse can’t be asked in the same question as they are two different things. First comes the break lines, second comes the nicks in the cloth from miscues, third comes the jump marks, fourth is the rack marks, then last….which is what changes everything around…the table owner that don’t know shit…because afterall, it’s just a pool table…and that stamp spot sounds like a good idea,….suckers!!!!

A crook business man was the one thought it up, sell a table owners a stamp and there next set of table cloth after they destroy the last set.
Sounds like a win/win for the guy selling the stamp and cloth, Yeah’ basically a sucker’
But then again 99% of table owners don’t know how to apply a table” rack” spot so it wont peel up or off in a few weeks.

How could a guy be a crook for making something 100’s of pool room owners do with a washer and a marker. As far as homes go, it takes years in most homes to even see a mark on the cloth. Let’s face it, a pool table is used maybe the first couple of months and than only on special occasions after that. If you are a 1 hole player or straight pool player that stamp is AWESOME!

Can’t dissagree with you {name remove, but referenced the previous reply}, as most home tables never do really get the cloth worn out, but almost never have a spot on them when you come in to move them or recover them

My Response To This Thread On The Billiards Forum

Stamp The Spot PhotoEveryone is entitled to their own opinion but for someone to just come out and call the inventor a “crook business man” is being pretty foul, but it’s easy for people to act like that on a billiards forum or really any forum.

I came up with the stamp idea because being a pool room owner myself, I was getting tired of customers ripping off the spots, even when the spots were barely coming up.  I’m glad to see others who see the value in the stamp vs. a sticker or glue spot.  On another note, I don’t sell cloth to other rooms.

This post about the Stamp The Spot is not meant to be a rant.  I was happy to see that the stamp was being talked about.  If you want to learn more about the stamp, please visit us at: