When will the Pool Halls open again?

The past few months have been the worst few month for pool halls in probably any of our lifetimes. They have been not only the victims of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but victims to politicians around the country. Deeming pool halls non-essential has put most pool halls on the brink of extinction. Government implementing the 4Read More

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New Pool Cue Tip Type Guide

Choosing A New Pool Cue Tip Choosing a new pool cue tip can be confusing at times.  Other than there being tons of brand names in cue tips, like G2 Cue Tips, Kamui Tips and Tiger Tips, there is also the criteria in picking a cue tip is hardness. The modern day leather cue tipRead More

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World’s Most Expensive Pool Cue

The Ultimate Fantasy Cue McDermott Cue Manufacturer had announced the sale of the World’s most expensive pool cue.  The Intimidator Cue started as a 82 pound of stainless steel.  It took over 1860 man hours to do the hand engraving and etching to create the 9.5 pound cue.  Total length is 63 inches and theRead More

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How to chalk a pool cue the proper way

How to Chalk a Pool Cue Techniques When you see a beginner pool player chalking, you usually see them drilling the piece of chalk down on the pool cue. Or you are in a pool room and you see all the older pieces of chalk that have a deep hole in the middle of them. ThisRead More

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Billiards Forum Chat About StampTheSpot

The Stamp Around The Billiards Forums Searching the internet one day I came across this thread from a popular billiards forum.  I won’t list names and such but I would be more than happy to share the actual thread, just comment below or send a message.  Here is the thread (minus names): Has anyone triedRead More

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Custom Stamp For Your Pool Table

Only $39.99 For up to 20 characters or even an image, this stamp is the regulation size of sticker and glue spots on pool tables. It measures 1.25″ in diameter. Fonts and colors are available.

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Welcome to has a new look and has new products.  Check it out today.  Visit at

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